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    Question saw blades

    Just a question? I've been noticeing alot of people when using a saws-all they haven't been using soapy water to keep the friction down. Even the manufactor's haven't been doing this. Is this a lost art or is the blades stronger. When I went through extrication class the first time about 8 years ago the instructor continue to preach about keeping the friction down on the blades by using soapy water. I've observed 2or 3 departments and noone is doing it(I don't do it every time ether) Is this still as critical as it use to be???

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    Yes, lubrication of the blade is important...and recommended by the manufacturers for obvious reasons. Lubrication cools the blade thus lengthening it's life. Soapy water seems to be the choice of rescuers due to the safety issues involved. Ideally both sides of the blade are lubricated equally with a straight stream. Primarily rescuers don't lubricate the blade simply because they don't take the time and often requires a second rescuer simply to spray lubricant.

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