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    Ken Hoibak Guest

    Question Rescue truck

    I work with a volunteer EMS/Rescue service in S. Alberta. We are looking into replacing our very overloaded/tired rescue truck with on that will better meet our needs. We are thinking about an Acterra 5500 with a 14'-16' walk-in. I am looking for any input as to good/bad things other services have done when specing out a truck


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    Rob Guest


    Keep the service of the vehicle in mind. Will the company be able to service your vehicle without taking it out of service for long? Also, check with other customers that have dealt with whatever company you're thinking about going with. Don't ask them for references, they'll only tell you the satisfied customers. Do some shopping and don't make it a quick decision.
    We, at Redwood Meadows, Alberta, have had nothing but good luck with Superior. Give me an e-mail if you want to talk more.
    Have fun also.

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    Our department is currently building a rescue on our own. We pruchased a used 1 ton crew cab with a service box. As this is our first rescue to hold our new rescue tools, I will not be able to provide you with much advice.

    There are a few things we are installing that you might like. First off, our unit will have a built in generator that is on the drivers side of the unit. It will be hard wired to plug outlets on the passanger side of the unit. As we will most likely park with the passanger side facing the accident scene, the noise from the generator will be on the opposite side.

    I will agree with Rob about Superior in Red Deer. They built our pumper, and have been great for service. The service is contracted to a company called Pheonix Emergency in Red Deer. They have field trucks that will travel to do all but major repairs on your unit.

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