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    Is there information out there from the manufactures of air bags on operation and placement of bags in vehicles? My department is trying to develop a resource guide we can use on the scene of an accident.

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    Holmatro Rescue Tool Company will have a book out later this month with all the information you request.

    The book covers vehicles sold from 1986 throuhg 2000.

    It will provide locations of front and side airbags, battery locations, seat belt pretensioners bleed down times for airbag modules and much more.

    This will be a "must have" book for emergency vehicles.

    J. T. Whidby

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    Ron Moore and Ron Shaw have a website with many links to car manufacturers as well as airbag manufacturers. Try . The links are really interesting. Having a complete resource guide in your rig will be impossible however. Technology and manufacturer locations for bags are changing constantly even within model years. Right now we all just have to look for the words air bag equipped or sips or srs. There are many other initials used but it's impossible to know them all. Until the vehicle manufacturers realize that the emergency services need this information, we'll be playing a guessing game with the airbag systems.

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