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    Question "SEARS /Craftsman" cordless recip. saw

    I recently saw(aha - a pun) a Craftsman brand cordless recip saw. Has anybody used them at all? In what setting? Firefighting? Rescue? How'd it hold up? The price was VERY good (about $100).

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    MFF Murray
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    I can't speak for Craftsman but Dewalt has a new 24 volt cordless that can be converted to 110v. It has a quick release blade. They have a demolition blade that holds up well. Dewalt in our area has done some car cut up demo's with their cordless saws before. I've heard that they sometimes give the saw away to the department that helps with a demo.
    Hope this is usefull.

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    Well as long as were diversifying the topic. . .

    If your really interested in Sears (or most any other major manufacturer) brand tools - check out Sears Industrial Sales web site at <a href="http://www.commercial.sears.com/csc0699/tool0699/morethantools.html">Sears Industrial</a>
    or call 1-800-776-8666. They offer 10% off catalog price to Fire & EMS agencies.

    Second - I just saw a gas powered reciprocating saw made by Ryobi. I don't have any more specific info in front of me but I'll be glad to share what I've dug up so far. If anyone's interested feel free to email me.

    Take Care - Stat Safe

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    Spend a little more and get a good brand recip saw by De Walt, Millwaukee, etc... Nothing by Sears with an engine or a motor on it is worth the aggravation. They don't last and Sear's makes design changes that result in different parts without any improvement in performance. Capt. Dan
    P.S. They do make great wrenches.

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    The Sears Craftsman electrical tools were made by Emerson Electric for many years. Emerson is now making power tools for the Ridgid brand. Sears Crapsman power tools are currently being produced by Ryobi.

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    I have not had the opportunity to use a cordless saw on scene but I have used them on construction sites. I was not impressed with the battery life. The quick deployment advantages of a cordless had better be backed up with multiple battery packs or a tried and trusted corded saw.

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    We recently did the Dewalt demo w/ 2 cordless sawzalls, and was so impressed we bought two right on the spot. They didn't give us one for doing the demo, but gave us a good deal on the two (about $325). We didn't like the Dewalt blades as much as our rescue blades but the quick release makes changing the about a 3 second job. And the battery life has been good on the 3 rescues we have performed since we purchased them.

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    skip rupert61
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    Just remember, you get what you pay for. Just taught a rescue class this pass weekend and we had a sears craftsman "cip saw. We had the corded type, but after attempting 2 posts, we put it back in the box. $100 sounds good, but spend the extra and get a good cordless saw. DeWalt and Milw...(I cant spell too good) seem to be the best on the market right now. I have used both the yellow and red one (easier to spell). Both hav sufficient battery life to perform a normal rescue. However, if battery life is a concern, check out the nomad system. Good alternative to using the single battery.

    Skip Rupert
    Keeper of the

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    My Dept. just purchased a DeWalt 24 volt
    cordless saw. Haven't used it on a rescue yet but it seems to be a good saw. We also purchased the adapter to be able to run it off from an extension when the battery expires. We bought ours at Grizzly.com, seemed to be the best price we found. 299.95 for the saw,case,1 battery and charger and 119.95 for the AC/DC adapter. Good luck.

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    Stephen, My department as had the a Ryobi
    gas cip saw for a number of years. I didn't think anyone sold them any more. The saw has all the disadvantages of any gas powered equipment. It smells, it's noisy, it vibrates like crazy. But the batteries don't go dead,and I do not have to spend ninety bucks to covert my two hundred dollar cordless saw into a corded saw to finish the job.

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