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    Question Amkus Ultimate System

    Anyone out there using the Amkus Ultimate System? If you don't know what it is, it's basically a PTO driven hydraulic system with the ability to simultaneously run 5 or 6 tools.

    For all the details, you can check it out at Amkus' site: www.amkus.com

    If anyone here uses this system, how do ya like it? I feel that this system, along with it's excellent tools--Combitool, 32" spreaders, Speedway Cutters, and "O" cutters--is one of (if not THE) best hydraulic system there is. I've used it several times in training, and we are incorporating it into a new truck.

    I know Berwyn Heights, MD just got their new Heavy Rescue, and it has an Ultimate System.

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    Yes I have used the Ultimate system too and it is an awsome tool. I use it when working at Watkins Glen International race track for the Winston Cup races and for training. If you are considering one of these in the near future, consider hooking a generator to it also. That way you can put a cord reel in and have power for a recip saw at the scene or even lights.
    The Amkus dealer down here has the Ultimate mounted in a F-350 dually that he uses for demos and at the NASCAR Tracks. Play safe.

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    Sounds like an interesting concept. I am always leary of "simo" claims where the company says you can run more than one tool at a time. More times than not, you end up sacrificing pump volume which reduces tool speed. Be sure to do a demo before you purchase and during the demo, try at least one evolution where you have two tools working at the same time and see if you notice any difference in performance.

    Richard Nester
    Orrville (OH) Fire Dept.

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    It is a lot of money for a system that is old technology. I am not sure i want to have all my tools running of one source. if it fails you are out of luck. make sure you keep a back up power supply

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    Our department just recently took delivery from KME, two heavy rescue trucks. Both our equipt with the Ultimate systems.

    I can not believe how much faster the tools operate. In fact, sometimes to fast.... but we are very proud of the system. You may have seen one of our rescue's at the FDIC at Indy this past spring. I really do believe the ultimate system is the way to go.

    If you have any questions, I am sure we would be glad to answer them.

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