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    Post Wrong-way driver on freeway hits head on

    A neighboring fire department recently responded to an MVA on US-23. One vehicle(a full size truck), had entered the freeway going northbound on the southbound side. He struck a mid-size sedan head on. It was a very gruesome accident. I did not personally respond but did talk to others who were on scene. Has anyone ever had to deal with an accident of this type?

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    Anybody in the fire service long enough will eventuall deal with something of that magnitude or even more. People deal with it all different ways , my company will hold a cisd( critical incident stress debreafing) where they require all involved to attend. the safety of firefighters is always #1 but what happens after the call we forget all abou them. This is the time we should be most worried about. FF/PD/EMS are high stress jobs and we need to protect our mental health and safety also.

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    Well, I don't have a freeway in my district, but a few Decembers ago, I responded to a semi hauling a B-train full of railway ties which had struck head-on a half-ton pickup that drifted into its lane on a highway with a posted speed of 100kph. The semi basically ran over the left side of the pickup and then rolled into the ditch. The pickup's top from the base of the windshield up was torn off. Needless to say there was a fatality in the pickup.

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