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    Question Difficult Rescue

    I need some ideas, recently I attended a nasty single car accident - drivers side impact into a very substantial tree. I am in Australia so the drivers side is on the right. The car struck the tree just forward of the B pillar, the impact pushed the doors and B pillar in about 2 feet. We removed the left hand side of the car (both doors & B Pillar and cut the back rest from the passenger seat. It was then possible to lift out the casualty as luckily with some work his feet came out of the tiny area they occupied. If his feet had not come free what could our next step be. The car firmly up against the tree no chance for a normal dash role. All ideas welcome.

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    I'd seriously consider moving the car off of the tree. In the EMS community, this is usually a big issue, but it can be done safely. Had a very similar accident, high speed, driver side into large utility pole, similar intrusion into car, however the driver door folded down from the top and encased the victims left leg. We tried several conventional methods when it became apparent that we would be there until long after the victim had died unless we moved the car. The local towing company ran a chain sling completely under the car from the passenger to driver side and slowly took up slack, a paramedic and EMT remained with the patient in the car. The car slid very easily and we gained the few feet that we needed to finish the job. Once the car was moved, the driver door was popped and extrication completed shortly thereafter. I know of several other places where this has happened and moving has worked with success. Practice and plan for it.

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    If you do a dash "jack" or lift on the opposite side...if the relief cuts are deep enough, the other side will often lift enough to get them out. I echo Halligan, as long as you do it in a controlled manner...dont be afraid to move a car if you have no other options...its been done here before.

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    you may not have heard of this one yet but we have done some work with an A post lay over start by removing the door then use a sawzall with as long of a blade that you have and make a vertical cut down through the dash toward the front of the vehicle after you have made your relief cut use your hyd spreaders to move the a post down and out of the way. May want to try it a few times, it takes some time to get it to work properly. good luck

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    Thinking more unconventially...
    If there was no major intrusion into the drivers compartment and a dash roll was out of the question, maybe consider taking the whole seat out with the driver still intact, Providing his feet were able to be freed. I have done this in training 2 ways: either by unbolting all of the bolts or by cutting the floorboard around the seat out w/ a sawzall or air chisel. Then the whole package can be removed and longboard stabilization can be acommplished without a tree sticking in your face and all of that sharp metal around.
    A little odd I know but you have to be able to adjust to meet your needs.

    Jeff Crooke Jr.
    Marshalls Creek Fire/Rescue
    Monroe County PA

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    Another good example of how every situation is different. For me, my options would depend on what I actually saw... from your description, I think my first "attempt" would be to try to use a short ram to spread horizontally in the area where the feet are trapped. If this was not an option, I might attempt a verticle push on the dashboard from the center floor hub to see if that gained any access. I think those would be the quickest to try first... and then I'd move on to using some different hand tools and even consider pulling the car away from the tree as stated above.

    Richard Nester
    Orrville (OH) Fire Dept.

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