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    Question Package in the seat or not?

    What should you consider regarding packaging a small child in a car seat or removing them for packaging? What are your SOG's?

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    depending on injuries you should be able to leave them in the car seat, if c-spine is a factor you can tape their head to the seat pad by the sides with trauma dressings or a towel.

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    We just went over this in EMT-B class. MTNRESQ is correct: Unless the child has injuries that require removal from the car seat or needs to be transferred to a backboard for care, the child should be left in the seat,the sides of the head should be padded with towel rolls to prevent lateral movement and the forehead secured with tape to the sides of the seat to prevent forward movement. Pad any other gaps with towel rolls and transport the child in the regular seated position with the car seat secured to the ambulance seat. Hope this helps.

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