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    Tim Soule
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    Question hp/lp air bags for multi purpose?

    Looking for feedback on various brands of airbags(paratech, amkus, etc...) for multi purpose applications, mostly auto extrication and structural collapse...also, feedback on high pressure and low pressure bags, advantages/disadvantages...prices, vandors, etc...Thanks for your help

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    Low Pressure air bags - good lift, not particularly durable but not known much problem with them - quite solid, stable annd reliable.

    High Pressure airbags - rugged and hard wearing. Not particularly outstanding height gain and in my opinion less stable than the low pressures.

    The most impressive airbags I have used are the ZUMRO NT airbags.

    Not sure whether these are available in the US.

    They operate at 10bar ( HI-Pressure) but can be interconnected. i.e. they screw together! They have a point load plate and are extremely versatile and solid. Deflated they are extremely thin and can be built up to a height beyond that of low pressure airbags....

    Think they can be checked out at

    Again - not sure whether you are already aware of the product over there - definitely worth a look!

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    Rich F
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    Check out the Hurst medium (15 psi) and the high pressure bags (118 psi) both bags can be controlled from the same controller simultaneously, and the have a wide variety of bags available.
    Good Luck

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    We're using the ResQTek (Zumro) NT bags. Very impressive. We need 1.5 inches to get them fully inserted rather than 1 inch with the square bags, but the lift and power are incredible. The ability to secure/stack them is also beneficial for higher lifts.

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    Thumbs up

    Personally I like the ResQTek NT bags as well. For more info., please email Clay Morse at: smorse@frontiernet.net. Clay will be happy to supply information.

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