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    Post Sog"s for step cribbing

    My company is trying to establish a standard operating guideline for step cribbing on mva's. I was just wondering what some of your companies guidelines are, if any. I'd appriciate any info you could provide. Thanks?


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    Rich Behling
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    I dont see how you can apply sog's to cribbing. Every accident scene is different from the last, you must be able to adapt to what the situation needs. We allow our personell do what they think is right as long as it is stable and the IC dosn't have them change it for some reason. We use whatever is necessary to stabilize the vehicles, step chocks, hilift jacks, air bags,straps, chains, or anything else that someone may think of, as long as it is safe and secure. hope this helps
    stay safe
    Lt. Rich B.

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