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    Question HURST EK COMBO or HP COMBO Tools...

    Our Department is still looking for small, hand operated spreaders/cutters that we can place on our Pumps (Engines) as a suppliment to our heavy hydraulic tools (carried only on our Rescue Units). Recently, I saw an advertisement for the HURST "EK COMBO" and "HP COMBO" tools. Never seen them before, so....is anyone using these tools and what has your experience been with them?


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    The EK-Combo has a built-in 24 volt battery, good for about 30 minutes. A one hour back-up battery comes loose in the case along with charger and pigtails. A 12 inch spread with 18,000lbs. of force and a cut force of 60,700lbs.

    I have used it for structural forcible entry and cracking open cars.

    Its very effective on chain, cable, padlocks, window bars and rebar. I suppose it would have a good application for RIT teams as well.

    Doing door removals on vehicles, I usualy attack the hinge side of the door first. I have found that if the metal tears at the door or pillar-post it can cut the hinges.

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    If you have the room look at a Pheonix(SP) 25/35 (28 inch opening and wiight 35lbs) best combi tool around works with hurst pumps and since it cuts you also get ISO points

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