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    Post What's the best bang for the buck?

    Inquiring if anyone has had any experience with the "Ultimate" system and/or the "XRT" system?

    With the "Ultimate" system, has anyone had problems with too much power, ripping/tearing more often, as compared to the electric over hydraulic systems that are slower and have the two stage pumps?

    Is a "PTO" driven system worth the extra money?

    Thanks for your input!

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    Carl Avery
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    Must admit I have had very Limited Experience with the Ultimate System from AMKUS, This limited experience comes from Work at WGI Race Track when the AMKUS truck comes for training and working the MAJOR Events, I have NOT Seen any detriments from useing the System other than those associated with any fixed system.

    Carl D. Avery

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    M G
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    Contact Berwyn Heights Md Fire Dept. Their Squad truck was just delivered recently with an Amkus Ultimate system. They seem to swear by it. www.bhvfd14.org

    The information presented herin is simply my opinion and does not represent the opinion or view of my employer(s) or any department/agency to which I belong.

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    There seems to be a rumor going around that they arent happy with the system anymore, hopefully someone can find out and pass it on.

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    C Sheaffer
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    The Ultimate simply uses the horsepower available from your fire apparatus engine which allows the pump to overcome the time loss when using long lengthes of hose such as 100' or more. A good analysis may be comparing your portable fire pump to your fire pump on your fire apparatus. The opening time of a tool is adjustable, unlike most portables, which allows the equipment to be set up to open identically to what you are presently use to. The main difference between the Ultimate and portable power units is the time it takes to reach maximum power (about 3 to 4 times faster). This is where you would save time during an extrication. You will also notice that there seems to be less reaction when making a cut or spreading a hinge. As with any thing new I think you will find that current Ultimate Users have changed the way they make purchase points from the haligan and tunneling to making "big holes" due to how fast they can now get the job done.

    C Sheaffer
    Fire and Rescue Products

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    Thumbs up

    The "Ultimate" has given us a huge advantage from the "Quad" system that we've been using for the past 10 years. Not only have we increased from 4 to 5 reels, we've gone from 100' to 150' hoses, and the system also operates the rear 20,000 lb. winch. Not only do you have excellent speed (which you can have set to the speed that is comfortable for you), the tools do not "slow down" while making a cut or spread waiting for pressure to build. The system may seem expensive to some, however, it saved us from buying another pto, and hydraulic oil tank for the rear winch. The system actually saved us money, and the performance of the system is unmatched by any other system on the market. I strongly suggest that you check it out.
    J.V. Ward
    President BHVFD14
    (ANY QUESTIONS?) pajvw@yahoo.com

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    Heh. Too cool. Chuck, I first want to thank you for the excellent class you put on for a group of us in Falmouth, Maine a couple years ago. It was excellent and I sure learned a lot.

    I'd listen to both C Sheaffer and Squadman, based on what I know of both their experiences and departments. After observing and then having a chance to use tools connected to the PTO system, I can't imagine anyone would ever want to go back.

    Now hopefully ours will be here on the new rescue-pumper before spring! *drool* can't wait.

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