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    Exclamation SOGs for Undeployed SRS

    Who's willing to supply their SOGs for all to see regarding operating at accidents with undeployed SRS? We could all benefit! What!, you don't have one...WHY?

    Lets gather some ideas and try to formulate something generic! BEFORE THE NEXT ACCIDENT!

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    A Posting From Ron Moore, Forum Moderator

    Any SOP that addresses the challenges of modern-day vehicle rescue must be set up to cover what I consider critical items. I have a sample SOP as a Word document that I can email to anyone who requests it. (It is too long to post here as a message)

    Just ask for my "Sample SRS SOP" and its' yours.

    Here is the opening section of my sample;

    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    It is the strategic intent of this standard operating guideline that personnel shall operate at crash scenes within recommended safe practices and procedures. These procedures, designed to maximize safety and efficiency when dealing with airbag-equipped vehicles, include the following tactical objectives;

    a) electrical system shutdown
    b) documenting capacitor drain time
    c) scanning for airbags
    d) determining status of airbags
    e) determining 10"-18"-5" inflation zones
    f) determining airbag EMS patient considerations
    g) safely performing extrication evolutions with loaded airbags in the vehicle


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    Is there really that big of a problem with SRS's. Besides the Dayton, Ohio incident, are there any other documented cases of accidental SRS activation. Some companies are making money off of devices to render the drivers side SRS "safe". I don't place much trust in these, so they stay on the unit. I have Holmatro's book, which is fantastic, but have we been reduced to having to look up vehicle information to complete an extrication. Maybe we are our own worst enemy here.


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