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    I might be a little late too, but what the hell, better late than never....

    We do this about every 4 - 5 years for Prom season. Other groups I spoke to found that it waiting the years in between you were getting turn over on the students so that you weren't showing the same kids, the same thing each spring. Looks like it keeps a little higher level of interest.

    My one suggestion is to use students as 'victims.' We have the school principal round up a bunch of students. He generally chooses a representative from the various 'clicks' at the school. He gets the star athlete, the cheerleader, the student council president and so on. This way you stand a better chance of reaching more people with your message since it is their friend in there.

    We generally set it up with kids hitting head on into a family (baby included) with a student laying face on the hood partially ejected. We have a good kit of fake wounds including an amputated hand which really squirts 'blood' -- It seems to be those things, the props, that get the attention. We will generally have at least one fatality, usually the one on the hood so everybody sees the pronouncement by the ME and sees a sheet put over him.

    If you work far enough in advance, we found that we were even able to schedule our local air medical helocopter to make an appearance.

    If you put the time and energy into it, it is a rewarding experience. We have even found that it helps the membership drive for both the juniors program and it actually has gotten a couple of parents and teachers to enroll.

    All and all it's a good experience not to mention good training for your members.

    Good Luck!

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    You guy's are not to late. Our committee just had our second meeting. This presentation is called "Shattered Dreams" and it sounds a lot like the feed back I am getting. I have been placed as the Team Leader of the "Mock Crash Team." I have read all the replies and found a lot of good info that will help us in this endeavor.

    Just an update on where we are. The school board has decided to hold this program during "Alcohol Awareness Week" in November instead of before prom as we had hoped. They said there was testing already scheduled then and when we do the program in two years they will make the time then. We will be doing the "Every 15 Minutes" with this presentation, and from a suggestion earlier we plan to use a few kids to demo some of the more common injuries. The kids that will be in the wreck have all been convicted of alcohol related charges and hand picked by the Municipal Judge. The principal at the school is working on the kids names for the Every 15 Minutes and will try to pull at least one of the student from each group. We have already decided that the Captain of the football team will be a quadriplegic. I already have the commitment from the locate helo to be there, and they will try the drunk teenager in the Municipal Courtroom and broadcast it in to the schools on close circuit TV

    That is about as far as we have made it so far. Please keep the input coming as the program is in the early planning stages yet and your suggestions will help.


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    As I recently graduated high school myself, in 1999, it was my personal experience that pictures do help get the message across. But just flashing pictures will not do the job. You must provide hard facts with these images. Facts such as the lifestyles the kids lived, who are in the pictures. This will help the audience relate their lives to the incidents, and make them think twice about their actions. I think another way of approaching this is to get the kids to have some kind of hands on experience. This might include having some students volunteering their time in an ER or a FD and bringing back their experiences to their peers.

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    Our volly dept up here in Canada along with MADD, the RCMP and the local EMS staged an accident directly in front of the local high school 2 min. before the lunch hour. The accident was a high speed drivers side tbone 1 person the passenger of the offending car was ejected trough the windshield and was DOA the driver of same car was impaired,cuffed and taken by police. 2 patience were extricated from the other car 1 unconscious, the other very vocal and combative. We used the drama 30 students for victims and they were assisted by a trauma room nurse to put on makeup and did a great job. We also had support people in place mingling amongst the students that had gathered to watch. This was done because of the realistic nature of the exercise. These people took the students aside toward the end of the scene and assured them that this was just an exercise. There were students that were visibly shaken when they saw that the DOA was some one they knew. The whole exercise was topped off when STARS (shock trauma air rescue society) flew in and took the unconscious patience (switched in the back of an ambulance with one of the air crew for liability reasons) and lifted off in a snow storm. That afternoon a number of us went to the school and presented the participating students with a certificate of appreciation for their part in the exercise, and fielded questions from the students. It was in our opinion, a great success because there was not a single mva involving any students from the grad partys that happened that spring. Our dept. plans to do this exercise every three years because we believe that it does have an impact on the students of our community.

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    i know in my department and other in my area got to gether and constructed a senerio that we actully got the cars on a shootign kinda system that projected cars into each other and then had dummies in there the kids and parents did knwo that they were dummie and some from a far distance didn't really know and after the tremendios crash they some hwo i guess had the kids sneak in the vechile while the main instructer was talkign to the groups and when they started the extricatio nthe groups was freaked about the kids being in the wreck and seeing them bleeding and it being fake blood it was pretty damn real to them, so yes i say get as involved as you can with it take it all the way then hopefully sink in to them and also check and see if you can get a heli to land to get the real efect we also had that plus police if you want try and get everyone to respond in liek its a emergency.johnl-2

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    James, Give Guy Benson with Austin EMS a call. I believe me is still head of the DWI awareness program, and can help you with the "Shattered Dreams" program that you are looking at. I know Lockhart is planning one of these, not sure of the date though.

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