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    Cool Electric Rescue Tools?

    I do not have any experience but there has been talk of putting some rescue tools on our new engine coming in. Does anyone have any experince with the Curtiss-Wright electric tools? Please let me know how well they work of if there is something better to start off with. We are not a resue company. We are surrounded by about 3 rescue's we are looking for something for forced entry, srarting a rescue before the Rescue company gets there. Any suggestions? Thanx

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    I have played with the POWER HAWK and Like it. Can it perform Like a COMPLETE set of Hydraulics? - simple answer from me - no. Can it go toe to toe with other companies combi type tools I would say YES! My first comment to you is get them there and try it out (YOUR HANDS ON) and try others too.

    I have talked to some people that say it's lay out of handles and controls are Clumsy, I have talked and personally used a POWER HAWK and have to say that is not MY OPINION. My Point, Like has been posted in other threads on this Bulletin Board, the key is the Operator. If you and your Team Like the tool. you will get a lot of work out of it and it will work well, If you do not like it it will never perform well as you desire! (Remembering comparing apples to apples not POWER HAWK against a 32 inch spreader). By the way the same can be said for ANY tool you put in its place. One thing I will say is DO NOT LET IT's LOOKS FOOL YOU! It is not a toy and it is POWERFUL! Give it an Honest run and see if the salesman will really let you play wiht it (same goes for all tools) and then see if you can find out what kind of Dealer Service you get. 1- ALL THE TOOLS WORK, 2- THE MORE YOU LIKE IT THE BETTER THAT TOOL WILL WORK (just human nature there) 3- ALL TOOLS BREAK, How Long will it take you to get it fixed or replaced? I hope this helps, I know I have been on both sides here but you got to Look at the tool that is BEST for YOU! OK, given the scenario you have said I would go with the POWER HAWK

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