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    Jack Hickey
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    Post High Pressure vs. Low Pressure

    We are currently in process of purchasing air
    bags for our rescue. Which type would give us the best dollar value. Where can I find
    documentation on both types? Thanking in advance.

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    Obviously each has advatages and disadvantages, however I suggest a look at the Res Q Tek bags. They're basically a hybrid of both types.

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    I find that a combination of both high and low pressure bags allow for a greater game plan in multiple rescue scenarios. Talk to the manufactures about their products and request literature on their product. Also have them demo. the product at your station. look back in trade publication like Firehouse, Fire-Rescue and Rescue Technonlogy for articles on air bags. These magazines have had several good articles on bags in the past. We use Paratech, Hurst and Holmotro bags at my agency. I find all work well with proper training and technique.

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