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    Michael Campbell Guest

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    Can anyone tell me about a technique called the 'Dashboard Lift', as opposed the the dashboard roll.

    Apparently it was demonstrated by a team from the USA at the extrication championships held at Gullane in Scotland. I have had a rough description, but would be grateful if anyone could tell me where to find a proper description and possibly photographs.

    Many thanks


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    Carl Avery Guest


    To put it simply the Dash Roll is typically done usning Rams, where they push on the Dash and "Roll" it off the entraped patient(s). The dash lift involves cutting the A-post (typically done in both of these operations) and then cribbing under the A post (ground to base of vehicle) and using a spreader to spread (Lift) the A Post and there by "lifting" the Dash. Some persons recomend a cut in the fender area at or around the front wheel area. This weakens the uni-body structure (the upper rail) and makes the dash lift or roll faster and lessons the droping of the front clip of the vehicle. To sum up the Difference between the Roll and the Lift is the direction of and point of the application of force. The ROLL has an application of force at angles from 30(+or-) to 45(+or-) degrees to the upper A post Dash area where the Lift has an application of force that is 90(+or-) Degrees applied to the Lower A-post. Hope this is helpful

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    pylonchief Guest


    An excellent article/photographs on this topic can be seen in Fire Engineering Magazine, in the November or December 2000 issue.

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