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    Exclamation Hybrid Cars and the dangers therewith

    I am not at all up on the hybrid car situation. Only know that if involved in an MVA that they could cause major problems and dangers for us the rescuers. High voltage (we are talking like 300 AMPS so I hear)

    I am despirately looking for information on the dangers of and ways to cope with this situation.

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    Red face

    Me too AXE... I read an e-mail today my Chief passed along explaining some of the potential problems. What stood out at me was the fact that there is potential when these vehicles are involved in multi-vehicle accidents, all vehicles in contact with the hybrid car could be electrically charged with several hundred volts. I would expect to see some training programs developing very soon like they did when SRS were becoming popular.

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    I have reserched this subject in very great detail. All I can say now is that in the very near future, alot of the questions that have been asked will be answered. All of the top people in our industry are working on this very problem. I would be cautious of quick information. There was a guide that alot of people got ahold of (emergency response guide for the Toyota Prius), this was not intended for firefighters. We will have this information soon.

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