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    Post Anyone want a "experienced" system?

    Our department has a surplus HURST system that includes a model 28 spreader, an O 150 cutter, two rams, 4 cycle power unit, hose reels, etc etc etc. The system is quite "experienced" (about 20 years old) and uses the older hydraulic oil. Is there a market for this type of "experienced" equipment? I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who has disposed of similar equipment or has a need for it.

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    We too have a nearly 15 year old set of hurst tools. However, I feel sure when we make our new purchase that we will keep our older set as a back up and additional unit.

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    If you are not going to use the system as a back up then you may want to contact Hurst and see if they could help you find someone that may be interested in it or if they would be willing to work some kind of trade.
    They also may be able to recondition that system for a small fee as well.

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    There is definately a market for this type of equipment. I'm in an all volunteer dept. in rural Virginia. There are several departments, mine included that would be thrilled to get their hands on equipment such as that. There are several that have little or no equipment, and what we do have is older than what you speak of. If your dept would be interested in donating that equipment feel free to contact me. My E-mail is shown on my profile.

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