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    Post U of Extrication

    I know the access point would be the passenger door, but why not bring the victum out the rear window its at ready open.
    I was refering to image 3 on you make the call Jeep Rollover on it's roof. I did't get to finish what I wanted to say because I had a rescue call. I agree with what you said in your repley. thank you
    kurt jarmer

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    In some situations, the rear window is the best choice for patient egress from the vehicle. The primary consideration is to select the point of patient removal based upon safety and patient care. The biggest problem I see with the rear window is the size of its opening.

    If your victim is in the driver's seat of a vehicle that is on its wheels, it is easier to take that victim out through the driver's door than it would be to lift him(her) up and over the front seat, back seat and out through the rear window and across the trunk.

    If your victim is on the back seat and the vehicle is on its side, it very well could be easier to bring the victim out through the back window. Of course, you also need to have an opening sufficient to allow proper stabalization of the cervical spine and be able to maintain in-line spinal alignment. With that in mind, you may elect to flap the roof in such a situation instead of using the rear window.

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    If you go in through the back you are most often met by the back seat and the bucket seats up front. Going in through the back to access the patient is the best, however, it may not be the best way out for the patient. We can move and slip over/around seats - a trauma victim cannot.

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