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    Cool protective gear

    I am the Director of a rural ambulance service. Our commissioners go with the belief that if it's not in writing it doesn't exist. Therefore, since I can't find any laws or policy concering EMT's, jaws of life and proper protective gear, than it's okay for our EMT's to use the jaws of life in gloves and goggles only. Does anyone know of anything thing in National Safety code or somewhere else on protection of EMT's in this situation. Help!

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    Well the law of common sense should tell you that you would need full turn out gear. Some of the hazards being: Fire, Broken Glass, Fluids, Sharp Metal, etc.

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    To dly - why invest nearly $1000 in structural FF gear for MVA's? The hazards you list - sharp metal, glass, fluids, and so on can all be addressed in ways other than full TOG. Why subject my expensive TOG to conditions that degrade its effectiveness in protecting me from fire? Rips, tears, motor oil/hydraulic fluid contamination all reduce the life span of TOG. Less than 1% of MVA's involve fire. EMS needs scuff and scratch protection in addition to BBP protection. Some of the new extrication style jumpsuits look very promising. The NFPA currently has a sub committee looking at PPE for EMS, but no consensus standard has been reached at this time.

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    I sorry to hear about the lack of concern that your comm's are showing to their EMS providers, SAD.

    In my dept our EMS crews only perform patient care, our heavy rescue crews perfrom the extrication, etc. We have tested numerous types of light duty EMS PPE and have found that they just DO NOT provide the level of protection that is needed. We have purchased and equipped all EMT's and paramedics with full F/F PPE and have found that we are getting great results. Better to be safe than sorry.

    As far as any standards or reg's on PPE, the only thing I believe is what NFPA is working on.


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    I am currently doing the same kind of research for my Ambulance Agency. However, my agency has already had full structural turnout gear with limited results. Our members are not firefighters and, for the most part, found the gear to be very excessive for ems duties. I am currently searching for an affordable level of protection that complies with NFPA 1999,1500,1581 as it applies to EMS. However, its hard to find gear that will perform well at auto accidents and in everyday EMS runs. Morning Pride offers an EMS Tri-Duty gear that looks pretty appealing, but is costly. As to your comissioners stating that they want regulations,depending on the make up of your organization, OSHA may be law. They make general PPE statements in 29 CFR 1910.132 requiring personal protective equipment that is appropriate for the job to be done. The OSHA website has tons to offer.

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