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    Question more airbags?

    I was told today that Audi(i believe)has a new car with six airbags. Driver and passenger airbags plus the airbags in the side of the front seats but it also has a bag on each side of the passenger compartment along the floorboard that extends up along side the doors when inflated. Has there been testing done on the best way to extricate someone from this car if the airbags didn't go off?

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    Tanker118 check out this months issue of Firehouse Magazine. There is an article on this very subject. I have not read the article yet so I do not know the details.

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    I didn't want to start a new thread. So, If anyone could clarify an airbag question I would be greatfull. I saw an article in the home page of this site in San Diego reguarding airbags and firefighter injuries. The question being that once you neutralize the vehicle by cutting the battery how is it that the airbags are deploying? I have red articles in the past in firefighter injuries. I has been quite some time since I have taken Extrication 1 and airbags really weren't utilized then and I haven't taken any refresher classes. So, any adviced would be again greatfull. You can leave replies here or E-mail me at

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    The new audi cars can carry extra airbags. The 2000 models do have front driver and passenger airbags. For side impact protection they use thorax bags that deploy out of the sides of the seats, and (IC) inflatable curtins are an option in the 2000 models. There are your 6 bags. Plus the Audi A6 and A8 have thorax bags for the rear passengers. So there are 2 more to add to the list. The side impact sensors are located under driver and passenger side front seats. The 2000 models A6 and A8 also have pretensioners for all 4 seats in the vehicle.
    As for the best way to extricate victims out of these vehicles I would contact either Ron Moore of this forum or Ron Shaw at
    Good luck I hope this helps!

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