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    Cool AMKUS Ultimate Sysyem

    My department is in the early stages of looking at replacements for our aging HURST system, we are seriously looking at the AMKUS ultimate system in conjunction with a portable power plant (in that 1 in 1000 chance you can't get the truck there). The tools would likely consist of spreaders, cutters, at least 2 rams and a combination tool. Any pro's and cons of this system would be greatly appreciated.


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    I know a dept to the north of me had one on their rescue engine and they had several problems with the Ultimate System and that when the Ultimate System goes down, it means your vehicle is also OOS.

    Also spoke with a LONG time Amkus user and he feels very strongly that the money could be well spent elsewhere, like additional power units, tools, etc. He also stated that they would NEVER place one on his dept's rescue vehicle.

    Can I ask why you are looking to get away from Hurst.

    This is soley my opinion and not that of my dept or employer!!!


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    Thumbs up

    We have a 1999 Seagrave/Saulsbury Heavy Rescue Squad with an AMKUS Ultimate system it is a little over a year old now, It's great. The system it ten times better than anything vehicle mounted system out there. The Ultimate system can be set up to run a maximum of six preconnected reels. We have set ours up to run 5 tools. The sixth port is set up to power the 20,000 lb rear hydraulic winch. This set up allowed us to use only 2 of the PTO ports on the transmission, one for the Ultimate sytem and one for a 35K PTO generator. From what I understand a hydraulic generator can also be hooked up to the system in place of a reel. With the winch run by the Ultimate system it has allowed us to be able to control the speed of the winch at the contoller, we were unable to do theis with the previous Heavy Rescue Squad. The tools operate faster than the old system that we have, but that can be adjusted to a speed that you would be more comfortable with if it is too fast. The tools build up power a lot quicker.
    Except for a few small leaks, which were fixed promptly by service, we have had relatively few problems. If you do go with the system I suggest you get dump valves for the reels. These are needed if for some reason the line is charged without a tool on it you can discharge the line, otherwise you need to get out a couple of wrenches and undo the coupling to bleed off the pressure.

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    I think this is an interesting concept, but I think the use of smaller pumps instead of a huge power plant is better. What about the equipment connected to the power plant, like the winch? How reliable are they? Also what happens if the transmission on the truck goes out or even worse the truck is involved in an accident? Then your department cannot provide the service the taxpayers demand. How easy is the system to work on or to change oil? I would like to know how much it costs to buy and install. My vote goes to the pump that can be taken off of the squad if needed.

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    I totally agree. The last figure I was told on the "Ultimate" was $60,000. Little hard to justify that expense.

    Also from what I've heard system sounds like it is prone to leaks and like I stated before, if it goes OOS, so does your rescue vehicle.

    I know that my dept and many of the depts within my region run numerous pins that they could not reach with the reel tools and have to resort to portable power units.

    Just my opinion, but I just don't feel that the expense can be justified for such a system.


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    I agree that it sounds like alot of money for one vehicle. I think you could probably outfit 3 trucks complete for that price. Power units spreaders cutters and rams! And you could move them from truck to truck if needed.


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    Try Amkus' Ultimate system and I'd be surprised if you didn't like it.

    300' reels, the ability to run up to 6 tools simultaneously with no loss of POWER or SPEED, and the ability to control the pump at the point of use via a tethered 'pendant' remote control. Plus, the normal operating speed of the system is incredible.

    Yeah, it's a lot of money. Is it for everyone? Probably not. Can you toss it from truck to truck on a whim? Nope. If the truck goes down, are you S.O.L. for a HRT system? Not if you have a backup portable pump.

    But if you have the money, and want the best performance from a HRT system, I don't think you can beat what Amkus' Ultimate system has to offer.

    Nick- ours in Yarmouth will be here shortly... sometime mid-May. I'll let you know when it's here. You're more than welcome to stop by and check it out.

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    The ULTIMATE system is a very specialized piece of equipment. This is not the system to place on every engine company or in every firehouse. The system that ours runs in is large and busy enough to allow specialization in services, to the benefit of all...e.g. engine companies, truck companies, and squad companies. If every station had a squad, or if every engine had a tool, perhaps the initial response time for a tool to arrive at the scene would be slightly less, but each "extrication" company would run very few extrications...and each would be done in a less efficient manner than they are now. As it is now, there are roughly 11 (too many) squads in the county, and each runs the extrications in approximately 5 first dues. It's a rare event to wait very long for a squad, and I can say with certainty that the maximum of five extra minutes spent waiting for a "real" squad are more than made up for at serious wrecks. (It might take us 5-10 minutes what it takes other 10-20 minutes to do) There is a thought that giving everyone a tool would allow each to handle the "minor" accidents, but I feel that these are vital for the training and experience they provide to the squadmen, and waiting up to five minutes longer for a "real" squad doesn't cost anything at a minor accident.

    In short I give two thumbs to the ULTIMATE system...and specialized service delivery.

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