Here is another message forwarded to me from Al Sergio of Holmatro.

The following information was printed in the AUTOGLASS Magazine. Technical Editor Glen Moses of AutoGlass.

Nov & DEC Issue
1997-99 DeVille SIDE Airbag System

NHTSA has collected information on 253 reports and 32 injuries due to inadvertent deployment of DeVille door mounted side airbags. A total of 300,000 Devilles are equipped with the devices.

This situation was reported when auto glass technicians need to remove the side airbag during a doorglass replacement procedure.

Updated figures now indicate reports of 306 deployments and 61 injuries occurring due to bags that have deployed when they should not have. GM is now recalling 224,000 of the 98-99 Cadillac DeVilles, but, unfortunately, repairs
cannot begin because the needed parts are no longer produced.

Al Sergio