Received this message from a life-long fire service friend on mine, Norm Knapp, from Brockport NY. Brockport is located in Monroe County, west of Rochester.

Here's the Brockport success story that I believe can easily be used as a model for others to follow within local fire departments everywhere.

"Hi Ron; I just read your message regarding the problems the auto industry has passed on to the the fire and emergency services community with the development of hybrid autos, composite bodies, use of exotic metals (flamable) metals, etc, etc.

Brockport, NY FD recently held an indoor training session where a number of autos
were displayed by local dealers and various features identified on the vehicles. Local
dealers were contacted and in some cases delivered various cars to the fire
house for the drill. The apparatus floor was utilized and apparatus placed on the
outdoor ramp.

The Saturn "cut-away" car was displayed by the local Saturn dealer, a Mercedes Benz, Cadillac sedan, Buick LeSabre, Chev mini van, a motor home and Toyota "dual fuel" car with 300+ volt power unit was also available for observation and review.

It is my understanding by Assistant Chief Mark
Warner that the dealers were more than accommodating and willing to become involved. As they say in football, "a good offense, is a good defense" and this training session worked exceptionally well in Brockport and may have
created an understanding with the automotive dealers what the Fire/Rescue/EMS people are up against. I thought I would pass along what worked for us.