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    Exclamation NFPA Testing of Hydraulic Tools

    A representative of one of the many hydraulic tool companies was in my station a few months ago and said that the NFPA would be conducting tests on the various tools of the trade. I thought he said that it would be done this spring somewhere in PA. This gentleman says that the test would be on different types and thicknesses of metal products. Has anyone heard of this or is he full of stuffing?

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    He is full of stuffing. NFPA does not test anything, they come up with a standard You take the product and have it tested (third party) against the standard.

    BTW, I am a dealer for a particular tool company.

    The standard for rescue tools is called NFPA 1936. If this is what he is talking about then he is sort-of right. Another thing, NFPA 1936 covers all "powered" rescue tools. There is a battery powered unit out that meets the NFPA 1936 standard. Curtiss Wright with the Power Hawk has just recently recived their UL (third party test) approval of the NFPA 1936 standard. Be careful of how a person words things, if he comes by later and says he has a UL approved tool, ask him for a copy of the UL letter. Recently I was at the FDIC and was by a particular manufacturers booth and ask which tools were UL and the guy proceeded to say; "that one is, that one is, that one is" and so on. When I asked to see the UL letters for the particular tool he couldn't produce even one.

    The main thing to keep in mind, everyone makes a tool that does a good job, evaluate all tools and see what would work for your orginization better.

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