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    ENGINE1631 Guest

    Thumbs up LUCAS

    what is wrong with LUCAS?

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    BomZap Guest


    Lucas of the family Adams or Lukas of extrication tools?

    Zapopan Jalisco Mexico

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    ENGINE1631 Guest


    The tool, I figured anyone who does the job would know it was the tool.

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    Engine69 Guest


    Originally posted by ENGINE1631:
    what is wrong with LUCAS?
    Am I missing something here? I am not fond of high pressure tools, but the Lucas is my favorite of the pack...

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    Carl Avery Guest


    What is wrong with HURST?
    What is wrong with TNT?
    What is wrong with HOLMATRO?
    What is wrong with AMKUS?
    What is wrong wiht AMERICAN GENISIS?
    What is wrong with NIKE?
    What is wrong with POWER HAWK?
    What is wrong with KINMAN?
    What is my Point? all the tools have pluses and minuses! enless you have a more specific inquiry it is hard to respond! Nothing is worng with Lucas - If it is backed by a reliable Sales Representitve whose service is top notch and is willing to stand behind their tool, But the same can be said for all the rest I have listed. Remember the persons using the tool will either make it sing or produce crap, If your rescue team Likes the tool and it is backed up with Service and training you will have a winner

    Rescue is the Art & Science of matching your tools, talents and tricks to needs of our customers!
    Carl D. Avery

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    ENGINE1631 Guest


    ok end this topic, the only reason i put the question there was because no one named that tool and assumed no one uses it. Our extraction team uses it and i love it, i have used Champion, hurst, and lukas (correct Spelling) and of all of them i find lukas the best, lighter, easeir to manuver and just as powerfull. sorry for the the termoil.

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    Engine69 Guest


    I thought it was spelled with a "K" If you look through the archives, there was a thread that compared the Lukas tools that put them in a favorable light. Lukas and Hurst are owned by the same corporation, so you would expect them to have a good product. As I said, I am not a high pressure fan, but if I were looking to buy one, the Lukas would be at the top of my list.

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    firefighter26 Guest

    Thumbs up

    My department uses Lukas and we stand by them. The main reason is the compact size of their compination tool and of course, their weight, both tools and power units.
    One accident stands out, we called for mutual aid and the department that responded practically laughed when we pulled our unit out. However, once they saw the tool in action they later commented to our IC on how impressed they where.

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    BomZap Guest


    Originally posted by ENGINE1631:
    The tool, I figured anyone who does the job would know it was the tool.
    in english

    you do not bother yourself by the commentaries, or the jokes, are not our intention to put on approval your knowledge pardons my imprudence.

    The Lukas tool has few disadvantages of design and ability to work. In my station of Firemen, it is the favorite mark. if you require but information you can consult its pagina Web.

    en español.

    no te molestes por los comentarios, o las bromas, no es nuestra intencion poner a prueba tus conocimientos. perdona mi imprudencia.

    La herramienta Lukas tiene pocos inconvenientes de diseño y capacidad de trabajo. En mi estación de Bomberos, es la marca favorita. si requieres mas informacion puedes consultar su pagina

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    Jhaney22 Guest


    My company uses Lukas tools as well. (2 electric pumps, 1 gas - 2 spreaders, 3 combi's, 2 cutters and 1 mini cutter) I don't mind the lack of subject on them however, just means that nobody can find anything bad to say about them! Haha

    More seriously, does anyone know of any negative points of Lukas compared to others? I've haven't seen any negative posts on them here. Just curious.


    J. Haney
    Whitehouse First Aid and Rescue Squad

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