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    Question Hybrid cars and electric cars

    Does anyone have information on the new hybrid cars? What differences do they have? Any special safety concerns? Do we deal with batteries in diffeerent locations or have different shutdown procedures in extrication? Information here would help as we are seeing several in our area. Thank You

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    I had a chance to check out the Toyota Prius. We were told by the dealership that the electric engine is run off a 272 volt battery that is in the trunk betweeen the two rear tires. There is a small 6 volt battery to run the gasoline engine. The best thing they told us was anything that is shielded bright orange "LEAVE IT ALONE" it is on the 272v side.

    Hope it helps.

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    With regard to hybrids: our dept is currently working on getting what info is available on them. Currently we have a manufacturer's pamphlet on the Toyota Prius Emergency Response Guide that was given to us from Toyota. It has some really usefull info in it and some pretty scarry stuff too, when you consider what powers these cars. We also have an excerpt from "The Chieftan" (Vol 15, issue 6) relating to hybrids.
    I guess the best way to answer this question is to get in contact with each of the manufacturers, find out what hybrids they build and then ask for a emergency response guide from each. The Toyota guide is pretty comprehensive without being full of useless gobbledy gook. From Malahat VFD, play safe, ya'all!

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    Check with Loudoun County Viginia's Department of Fire & Rescue. They have a great powerpoint presentation. They will also be presenting this presentation in June of 2001 at the Maryland State Firemans Association Convention in Ocean City Maryland.

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    We have the Delco R&D place for their batteries and Hybrids here. Seems like so far they are using the trunk to put the batteries in. It is sure to change as quick as you learn what's new, so expect some serious DC voltages somewhere from a battery source somewhere.... Kinda like airbags when they first came out

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