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    Why isn't there an NFPA Standard on Air Bags?

    Did you know most manufacturers say that air bags have a shelf life of only 7 years?

    Can Air bags be tested, and re-certified.

    What do you think is important, and should be included when a standard is devised.

    I would like to know, in hopes to help push for a standard on air bags.

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    lutan Guest

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    I don't know about over in the USA, but over here in Australia, both the manufacturers of Holmatro airbags and the Vetter airbags offer testing and certification.

    It is important that bags such as the Vetter Vepro's be tested as they have steel wire strands inside them that may perish due to moisture in the air used. Holmatro still offer testing but don't have those issues as their bags gain their strength from kevlar, not steel wire...


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