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    billy Guest

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    Years ago the rope sling was popular for moving patients. Seldom do you see it used anymore. What experiences have you had with it? Good or bad.

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    Litch Guest


    I've used 1" webbing slings to assist in sliding patients up out of seats onto the backboard when doing a roof removal and going straight onto the board.

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    Engine 224 Guest


    One thought is that it might violate maintaining the spinal column immobile or in slight traction. If the strap was passed aroung the chest and under the arms, there would be compression on the cervical vertabra when the patient was removed head first. C-spine compression is potentially very, very bad.

    May be useful aroung the feet if the patient was removed feet first but the ankles provides pretty good hand grip points anyway.

    In a confined space rescue (e.g. collapse) this might be a good technique. If you carry any rope rescue equipment, you probably already have a collection of tubular nylon slings which would work the way you described.

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    86Rescuetech Guest


    I have used a 1" sling a couple of times in vertical lifts on roof removals. It works well if you get it positioned properly. It should be used with a 1/2 board or a KED Board to provide a neutral spine. Also on FAST team work, we have trained to use our rope or sling to hook onto a SCBA harness and assist firefighter removal.

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    lutan Guest


    We use the rope or sling on the casualty if they're "time-critical" to assist with the slid up the board.
    If not time critical, fit the KED and use it through the top handle...

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