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    My company may be in the market for a new or used power plant and combi-tool. For the right price of course.

    Our sister company (which I belong to also)does rescue. So we are not looking to do all the rescues, we would just like to have a combi-tool to do your basic door removal or at least get started till the rescue gets there.

    I use Hurst at work and Amkus for Vol. so I know these, but all brands will be considered.

    Please reply w/ contact info or e-mail me, w/ any offers or leads. Thank you in advance.

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    Engine69 Guest


    Don't restrict your choices. There are many companies out there making rescue tools. I am not sold on a "combi-tool" where the cutter is actually part of the spreader arm. If you damage the cutting surface, you need to take the tool out-of-service to repair it. Take a look at the Phoenix tools. If you damage the cutter on their rescue tool (Spreader/Cutter) you can remove the cutting surface without affecting the spreaders at all.

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