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    I agree w/stablizing the suv in antisapation that the guy wires might fail, but what scares the hell out of me is that 70 some % of the people that made the call said they would crib the car so that if they had to cut the guy wire they could. THAT IS NOT A OPTION!! Thats like a car crash into a center support under a bridge, You wouldnt consider removing that. If you still dont get it there is a dame good chanch its going to fall down.
    Ps dont mind the spelling

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    I couldn't agree more. I think some of us need to start to think their could be a reason the guy wires are there. Unless you want the utility pole on the ground you may want to look elsewhere.


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    As an employee of a major telecom business in PA, I would take cover behind something very heavy and large before anyone cut a guy wire! Remember, they are there to stabilize the pole line. The one you cut may not jeopardize that immediate pole, but it will effect the pole at the turn in the pole line.

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    Ditto here for me also, I even posted earlier that I didn't necessarily even agree with being comfortable with allowing the guy lines to be considered part of the stabilization process. It clearly stated that one guy line had failed, how could I as a OIC assume that the other 2 haven't been compromised?

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