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    FF-Johnston Guest

    Exclamation T-boned Mazda

    Just some thoughts on the mazda Extrication:
    - Most went with the spreaders to brake away the hinges-OK..but Using spreaders in that application could possibly push the already caved in B post in further on the patient!?! If the hinges were well exposed an air impact would be very Quick and easy to take the front of the door off with little affect to the car.
    - One of the second options was to break out the rear Glass..Should that not have been done before any tool was used?
    -a relief cut at the bottom of the B post may have made the wing lay down further( if it was possible in this situation)
    - One last thought... If the patients legs were not trapped could the extrication have been preformed from the side that was not damaged?
    Just some thoughts to fuel some discussion. thanks for taking time to read this.


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    oxfordfirerescue Guest


    I would agree with cutting the A,B, and C posts on the passenger side and flapping the roof over to the driver side.

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    FF-Johnston Guest


    Oxford I am curious to why you chose a roof flap for that scenario. Patient access is greatly improved but it might not be necessary and it takes extra time.

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    TK Guest


    I would have to agree with oxford. With multiple tools a roof removal or flap could be done as quickly or quicker. This would allow in much needed light and patient could be slid up a long board maintaining spinal alignment. If the choice was to remove out the side door, I would consider a "5th" door conversion. This would get the doors totaly out of the way. Just a few thoughts.

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    Lewiston2Capt Guest


    I agree that relief cuts would have probably allowed the doors to lay down further and that all glass should be taken out on the vehicle before any other tools are placed in use. I would rather control the glass than have a cut I make at the front of the vehicle cause the back door windows break on the kids in the back seat.

    I also think that the door flap would have very easily been taken all the way to a 5th door conversion by cutting the B post at the bottom after it was flapped. I wouldnt flap the roof. If you are going to cut posts why not just take the roof totally?

    Just my $0.02.

    Shawn M. Cecula
    Lewiston Fire Co. No. 2

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