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    Default Questions (and Answers) About Univ of X

    Question received from a San Diego-area firefighter asking about airbag info and past issues of the University of Extrication series.

    "I read your article every month and want to commend you on a great job. I would like to know if there is a single resource available that has up to date information on the status of airbags in vehicles. I know you have a done a great job over the years keeping us up to date but unfortunatly I have not clipped out every article. Do you have any ideas on where I might be able to find a resource like this to train with my crew. Thanks for a great article and for your continued dedication."

    My reply-

    Two things. We have updated on University of Extrication section of firehouse.com website.

    Go to http://www.firehouse.com/extrication/

    Check it out. The previous issues are listed in our 'archives' section.

    Secondly, I recommend purchasing the Holmatro airbag book plus their 2001 supplement. Not only is it useful at emergency scenes, it is a good basis for airbag training information.


    Anyone else have any suggestions you are willing to share??

    Ron Moore
    Ron Moore, Forum Moderator

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    As per reference manuals, Sally Straight's book "AirBag Hot Spot" from the AirBag Institute is pretty comprehensive as well, the bonus that book included large trucks too.

    Be safe,
    Dave D.

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