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    Question: When do lift bags "expire"? This question has come up alot lately in my neck of the woods. Some sales people are saying they should be replaced every 10 or 15 years depending on who makes them. I know how sales people can be. My question is there anything written anywhere with these guidelines? Any help out there?
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    I am currently a distributor for rescue equipment, and I am shocked that someone has not responded to your question. Please do not feel that I am trying to sell you something becuase I am not. There is no NFPA standard on air bags. We as a manufacturer of air bags recommend replacement after 7-10 years of shelf life (high pressure square pillow). In my eyes an airbag is like a pressure vessel as is an extinguisher. Unfortunately you cannot inspect the inside of your airbags to check for dry rot or bag deterioration. Many people are also fooled into believing that you should simply fill your bag to capacity and check for leaks. DO NOT DO THAT, Some manufacturers will test thier bags under a load but most will not assure you of thier life span. The new technology air bags are the only bags that I personally know of that can be hydrostatically tested and internally inspected. This is recommended after shock loading or 7 years of shelf life, followed by testing every two years after. These bags are the only ones that I can speak for as far as testing. Hope this helps you. I do know that most manufacturers are in the area of the 10 year span.

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