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    Howdy all

    I'm trying to get information on RIT air supplies. Specifically the technique that other departments are using to augment/refresh the air supply for a downed firefighter(s). Do you take in a new pack? or change the bottle(s)? or do you have specially designed (modified) equipment for this task?

    Our department uses MSA2216 MMR positive Pressure packs. Any and all suggestions/ advice will be appreciated.

    Thanks a lot http://www.firehouse.com/interactive/boards/smile.gif


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    My personal feeling is an extra pack for each F/F down, it's much easier to put a mask on someone on the ground than trying to change their bottle. (It is how we drill, but our RIT guidelines are still under development and don't want to be mis-quoted!)

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    I agree - Bring in an extra pack. If the downed FF is out of air only you may be ok with just a bottle but if the regulator is malfunctioning or the low pressure line is severed from a fall or the mask is malfuctioning he/she will need a new pack. Don't bring it in piecemeal. Bring the whole pack the first time and eliminate a lot of time. Remember you are trying to get in and out as fast as possible.

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