We recently set up a R.I.T. and we only do mutual aid. Currently we have 17 members who went through the new training that was set up by a firefighter/instructor Jim Crawford, who has written articles for Firehouse Mag. This class was developed from the tragic deaths of 3 of Jim's fellow firefighters, a few years ago on Valentine day. Our team, as well as a teams from the City of Clairton V.F.D. and Jefferson Hills 885 V.F.D. were set up for mutual aid calls for each other. If we have a structure fire in Glassport, we call in Clairton for R.I.T., and the same for Clairton. Clairton has approx. 20 members trained as well. We purchase a trailer which we pull with our 5 man cab squad. We have purchased some tools and saws, etc. but any member of any Volenteer company it takes a lot of money.. We are still in the growing stage. But we are ready. I hope to get with the team leaders of each fire company and write an artice for Firehouse

Stay Safe.. Mike K..