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    Post Need RIT video-help appreciated

    Hi, looking for videotape to present in conjunction with RIT classes. Would appreciate help from anyone out there who has access to tapes or knows anyone else who does. If there is any case study info to go along with the tape that would be great as well. Thanks in advance for your help. Be safe, Jeff

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    I may be able to help but first a couple of questions. Does your department receive the Working Fire video series. They have put out some videos that offer some basic techniques for set-up of RIT teams and actual operation. I used some of the information to come up with a class I formed along with some input from our local Fire Institute.
    If you are interested I can tape the subject matter for you and work out how to get it to you if interested. It is good information but basic. Let me know.

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    Thanks, Shoopy, and all who have e-mailed me privately. I appreciate your comments and your help. I have seen the Working Fire series and found it very helpful in putting together the class on RIT. What I need help with is finding raw or edited video of an incident where RIT was or could have been used. I know this is delicate-those of you who have such video may have lost or come close to losing one or more of your own, and I do not want to impose on your grief. We are not looking for video to show how another dept should have acted, but instead to illustrate that things can go bad very quickly, and that a quick, well orchestrated response from RIT can make a difference.If an accomanying case study is available that would help too.Thanks again, in advance,for your help.Just reading this shows your interest in the subject and I think we all can appreciate that.Stay safe, Jeff

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