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    Question RIT team 2 in 2 out

    Can the Driver operator be used as one of the team members for 2 in 2 out?
    also if any one has info. on the basic law
    requrirments for RIT teams. and accountability systems.

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    Ken Hanks
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    The standard states that 1 member must be dedicated for rescue and the the second member can have another job, as long as that job can be left to make the entry.

    The incident commander can be part of the team, so can a driver. If your department chooses to designate the driver as a critial job function, he will not be counted for 2 in/2 out.

    My department does not permit the pump operator to leave the engine while we are flowing water. There is no standard that says the pump must be monitored.

    How about the guy assigned to outside vent? Hose team calls for assistance. Does he finish taking out the glass or enter the building.

    Incident commander? Combative command while searching for firefighters in trouble? I don't think thats a good idea.

    Most RIT teams I have seen use 2, 3 or 4 firefighters assigend only to RIT functions.

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