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    Question Tools of the trade

    I was wondering if anyone has used
    cordless circular saws and reciprocating
    saw in RIT/FAST situations ? Comments
    and thoughts would be greatly
    appreciated. I bring it up because
    there are certain situations when
    chainsaws and other gas powered pieces of
    equipment will not work due to the atmosphere.

    Happy trails,

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    Cordless and electric sawzalls are a great "In Smoke" tool for use by RIT teams. Just ensure that you have a wide variety of the proper blades available, (wood & metal). I also recommend placing the saw in a heavy duty canvas or vinyl type bag for ease of getting the tool, blades, and accessories into the building. As always, using a sharp power tool in a no or low visibility situation is dangerous and all RIT members must practice with the saw and be proficient in its use, including changing out the blades in zero visibility. The use of safety spotters is also a good idea. I also recommend the use of a high quality electric chainsaw for light to moderate work inside a structure, such as removing wall studs for rescue. Do not overlook the use of small hand saws for tight spaces. Safety is the main concern when operating in this environment, take all measures to ensure that noone on the RIT team gets in the way of the saw! Stay safe.

    Jim Crawford
    Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire
    Truck Company #33

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    we purchased a Dewalt 18 volt cordless sawzall and electric chainsaw to be used for rescue work with R.I.T.


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    The Dewalt 18V tools are invaluable tools for RIT applications. No cranking required, and as long as you keep em well charged, they will last for almost any task at hand. Keep a variety of blades ready to go...you never know what you might encounter. And don't forget the good ole haligan! Be safe!

    Scott Lambert
    Seminole Trail Volunteer Fire Department

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