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    I've promised a few people I'd post our RIT outline so here you go. I'm going to abbreviate. This is from a County in California:
    When info regarding a structure fire indicates that it is a working fire, send an additional eng co. If conditions exist that req immediate intervention for the prevention of loss of life or serious inj, the officer may initiate interior firefighting ops. If conditions exist that do not req intervention or the prevention of loss of life or serious injury, & if the incident cannot be confined in its incipient stage thru knowledge & experience of the officer, interior ff ops shall not be initiated until 4 personnel are on scene. these 4 can be any combo of personnel that can actively engage in interior firefighting. All shall have SCBA's, team leaders shall have radios. Work in teams of 2. An RIT/RIC (team/crew whatever) shall be established for the safety of interior ff's where interior ff ops are implemented. The focus of RIC shall be the safety of interior ff's & this crew shall remain "ready" to intervene when it becomes known that interior ff's are in danger due to flashover, structural collapse, equip failure or other situations that would endanger their lives. The RIC may also assist w/removal of found victims when requested by the IC. If the RIC is used, another RIC shall be assembled asap. While in ready status, the RIC may assist w/non-essential support activities such as feeding hoselines, changing bottles, & securing utilities. The RIC shall not be engaged in any activities that would significantly delay their intervention or adversely impact the incident if it were not completed. RIC shall consist of a minimum of 2 personnel. Each member shall have full protective clothing, SCBA, & flashlight. Crew leader shall have a radio. RIC shall also have avail a spare SCBA, rope, & forceable entry tool(s) staged nearby. A hoseline, independent of the suppression ops, shall be identified & charged for the sole use of RIC. If practical, this hoseline should be taken frm a source different from those involved in interior ops (separate eng). RIC shall be in ready status & located in area of fire ground that provides the best access to interior crews.

    Hope this helps. Once you work with it the plans just fall together.

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    Although I wasn't one who had aksed you for SOPs, I have been curious about them. Thanks for posting the info. Sounds like a plan....

    Led, MFD

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