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    Red face Other aspects of OSHA's 2in/2out law

    Has anyone else gone through the OSHA respiratory protection standard and discovered all the other stuff that FD's are required to do?

    For example, annual physical forms to be reviewed by a medical professional, annual fit testing, etc.

    The 2in/2out rule is the least budensome part of the law.

    BTW, if you haven't begun the annual physical review you are in violation of the law......


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    Where can I get the text?? Would like to what we are missing. Any info would be appreciated.


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    The general reg is at http://www.osha-slc.gov/OshStd_data/1910_0134.html

    It is very very very very long.

    This site has an index which gives you the appendixes for fit testing procedures, etc. http://www.osha-slc.gov/OshStd_toc/O...SUBPART_I.html

    Nothing stated in this post has been approved by or is the position of my employer or VFD. It is only my opinion.

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    Way is this law a burnen? Fit testing and check ups by a Doctor are for your own safety! We thinks nothing about spending money on extra chrome and gold leaf, but don't tell us to keep our firefighters healthy and safe.

    We should all put our health and safety first. Stay safe all.

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    The burden comes from the full time paperwork secretary needed to track all this

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    Full time paperwork chaser??? Sounds like a plan to me. My chief had asked me to sit down and sort out all this OSHA stuff. We had an inspection a few months ago and were given a citation on what we had to do. Well, here it is a few months later and I finally think I got everything done. Just in time becuase we recieved a letter last week that he was coming back to see if we have completed the work. I have a question though. I have been with this fire compnay only 5 years and they have been here and havedone 3 inspections within 10 years..How rare is this to be visited 3 times within 10 years? We have over 50 depts in this county and I know of only 3 that have been inspected. I know of other departments that would be immediatly shut down if they ever had one done.

    Robert T. Schorr FF/EMT/HMT
    Northpole Fire Co (Watertown,Jefferson Co, NY)

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    Thumbs up

    Well we have been following the rule for 2 years now, my department has physicals done every year. In addition to this we use North Greenville Fitness and we have to run a 1 1/2 mile every 3 months on a timed basis. We are required to do this in 13 minutes, and do 25 push ups and 45 sit-ups. This has been a very positive move for our department. The ironic thing about this is our State is not complying with the 2 in 2 out concept, it has adopted 2 in 1 out. The locals plan to file a law suit to force them to comply.

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    My department has a comprehensive respiratory protection policy which addresses quanitative/qualitative fit testing, annual health assesments and 2 in 2 out provisions. North Carolina being an OSHA state, we have been following the provision the last two years. Point to ponder, many of our surrounding dept's have adopted their 1st due engineer and incident commander as their 2 out. At Lexington we have adopted a more conservative approach eliminating any engineer who's apparatus is supplying water to the fire attack, or the assistant chief IC being designated as the 2 out. We deem these positions to be mission critical.
    Also dont expect to ever get by an OSHA inspection without some kind of fine. The inspectors salary are based on the fines thy issue.
    Keep safe!

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    rp ruma
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    Thumbs down

    Our dept has been doing "all" of the things that deals with the ruling, however I don't like the engineer or IC being a part of the 2 in.

    RP Ruma
    Captain - Dickson Fire Dept
    Dickson, TN

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    We have started the physical part of the 2&2 and it appears it is going to be costly and time comsuming. My department is all call.
    I also think that the 2&2, as explained to us, could cause more proberty damage then need be. If we only 3 people respond on the first piece we are told that we can not go in unless there is a life hazard. My hang up is what if it is a room contents fire in an interior room then the building could be lost because of the delay waiting for the additional personnel.

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    We've been doing physicals for 10+ years; although our standard is every 5 years under 35 (I think that's the age...) and annually thereafter. Physician can also require a shorter period between physicals.

    Fit testing for 2 years.

    As to the full time secretary, well, it's a perfect oppurtonity to bring up that dirty little word in the fire service...REGIONALIZATION.

    Yes it is a lot of regs for a Chief to keep track of, yes it is a lot of paperwork to keep organized. So instead of having 10 Chiefs and 10 Secretarys all independently trying to comply, maybe you form regional structures that can track compliance??? Even without going to paid chiefs, it's called division of labor and it's a lot easier if you have 10 stations, under a single regional chief one's station's chief is in charge of Blood Borne, one is in charge of Respirators, one gets to handle water supply, one gets planning, one handles miscellanoues training...

    If it seems like a lot to do alone, Don't Do It Alone -- get together and do it as a group with your neighbors. Gee, that is if people can check their egos at the door.


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