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    Question Bailsafe and other equiptment like it?

    I was wondering what kind of use, good or bad that people have had with personal safety devices. Such as bail out bags and other personal rescue bags. What are you carring on them? search lines? bailout lines? Axes etc? Are they resulting in a more productive rscue in RIT team activities? What is your take on them?

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    Check out the A-Arm Belt by Life Safety Equipment. This belt is worn out side turn out gear, will not get in the way off SCBA, and has alot of options. Check their web site at www.lifesafetyequipment.com This belt was designed by a firefighter in Florida. If you need more info e-mail me and I can get you in touch with the right people.

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    I have had a Bail Safe bag for a year and carry it on my scba. The bag is set up with a dual compartment, the top for rescue rope and the bottom for search line. I like the two different ropes so that you always have one rope with you, even if you are in the middle of a search and have to get out, you have the rescue rope with you. I also wear a Gut Belt and carry a hand lantern. In the pockets of my pants I carry door chocks, screw drivers, vise-grips, shove knives, pliers, folding spaner, webbing and carabiners. If you are thinking carrying a rope bag or any personel tools make sure you train with them and when you are make it as real as you can. Wear your scba with mask and gloves in low to no visibilty with smoke and radio traffic, so when you do need to get out, you will just do it. Alway carry a hand tool, axe, halligan, rake or sledge they will get you out. Check out Bail Safe on the web at www.BailSafe.com. Stay safe!!

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