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    Robert Cobb Guest

    Lightbulb RIT Training

    Anyone looking for RIT training:FF Jim Crawford Pittsburg FD and BC Robert Cobb Jersey City FD are teaming up at this years Firehouse Expo. 2 days of hands-on and back to back seminars.

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    RF Duval Guest

    Thumbs up

    Chief, I signed up today.

    I sat in on both you and Jim Crawford's PIP's last year and got some much out of them, we now have 20 FAST trained FF's in our town (5/per volunteer station) and we hope to double that amount by Summer.

    See you there.

    Thanks again.

    Dep Chief RF Duval

    [This message has been edited by RF Duval (edited February 22, 2000).]

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    Dalmation90 Guest


    Hey RF, does this mean I have go down this year so you have a victim represenative of the firefighters up in our neck of the woods to haul out?


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