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    Question gas power tools

    I need some input on gas powered tools in a smoke filled oxygen depleated room.With knowing how an engine run it would be safe to assume they will not run very well if at all. Then you are stuck luging a 30lb useless tool around.Help me out I am looking for some ideas on this


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    Air induced motors will not operate in a smoke filled environment. There are several options available for the RIT. Reciprocating saws (sawzalls electric or battery), electric chainsaws, airbags, manual hand pumps for hydraulic tools, and porto powers are among a few of the tools that can be used in a smoke atmosphere. You can also create an enlarged opening near the rescue room and pass the hydraulic tool through the hole leaving the motorized pump outside in the fresh air. The use of electric and battery powered tools is essential to the RIT when dealing with an entrapment in a smoke environment.

    Jim Crawford
    Pittsburgh Bureau of fire
    Truck Co. #33

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