Just a note to spark question in your minds. Is a Rapid Intervention Team Proactive or Reactive? It just depends on how they function and how they were trained.
I was taken back when a firefighter returned from a weekend school to talk about a RIT class he was in. It was great!...They taught us how to do carries and drags and follow hose to safety. We stayed in gear the whole time. They even sent us into a room with a blacked out mask to assemble our SCBA. This was to put pressure on us.

I hope these guys never have to rescue me with that little of knowledge. RIT is much more than just putting that BIG S on your chest and being the Kevin Costner in Back Draft. It is much more. Where is the Building Construction section or Fire Behavior? What happened to atypical forced entry? Tools and even just maybe, just maybe techniques for laddering a building for life safety issues?
Follows I think we are missing alot here. Maybe thats what is wrong with the fire service today..we look for the glory, not the danger.
Please consider more when you train your personnel in RIT. For more info Email me at SpudC@aol.com or contact the International Society of Fire Service Instructors (ISFSI) @ ISFSI@aol.com or 1-800-435-0005

Douglas K. Cline
Chapel Hill Fire Department, Chapel Hill, NC