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    At my department we use the ambulance crew for RIT. They are equipped with forcible entry equipment and rope bags that are attached to our belts. It works out great in training, but we've yet to actually go in on a real fire and get a firefighter out. I hope we never have too.

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    Two things on this one.

    1. I guess it varies by department, location, etc, but what makes up your "Ambulance Crew"? How many people?? Training??
    Based on my area's description of Ambulance crew, I just about fell out of my chair when I saw that, but I will hang on waiting to see what exactly an ambulance crew is in your dept.

    2. What exactly is covered by your term forcible entry tools? Are we simply talking a set of irons? Do you include power tools?

    Help me out with this one because I am a combination of curious and concerned??

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