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    Post Is your RIT homegrown?

    I am just curious, and would like to see how many departments make a RIT made of of their own members.

    If not, does your RIT come to you on an automatic M/A for confirmed fires?

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    Right now, it's homegrown. Working towards a mutual aid RIT for confirmed fires.

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    We run a RIT with 3 departments. When one company gets toned for a structure, the other 2 are automatically dispatched for RIT from the mutual aid companies. This has worked out well, and manpower has been farely good.

    Take Care and be Safe

    John Williams
    Clairton Fire Dept

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    Ours is a mutual aid response. We have designated depts. we ask for on confirmed fires and in turn they call on us when the fire is in their response area.

    I think it's a better arrangement to have mutual aid come in to handle the RIT/FAST assignment. There is the "attachment" factor of having your own go try to find their buddy. Although in the end, we are all brothers in this profession, you have to take out the friend/coworker connection to help make the rescue job a little easier on all parties.

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    McF 33
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    We currently request an second alarm for all confirmed structure fires. The second alarm will bring two engines, a ladder and a heavy rescue from mutual aid departments (most often, we have different second alarms for different zones). We than staff the RIT team with mutual fire fighters with one of our officers.

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    Ours is homegrown, but we our working towards responding to our smaller departments strucure fires with our RIT Team. If anyone has any comments regarding how they do this, I would love to hear how it is working out for you.

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    RF Duval
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    We have created a core group of 20 FAST/RIT FF's from the four volunteer stations in our town. On a "working fire", a FAST team is put together of available FAST members on scene. If numbers are "light" (i.e.; daytime), an addtional station's FAST members will be called. They respond in a designated unit (i.e. rescue squad or engine) according to the "run card".

    This group completed initial training and continues to train regularly to remain proficient. We hope to put on more members to keep this group active and available.

    We have "deployed" three times so far, two with available FF's and one by calling an additional station. So far so good.

    Dep Chief RF Duval

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    As you all know, your RIC needs to be in place before anyone goes inside.

    Our first due company is split to perform the initial RIC, then the responsibility is passed to the next incoming company, or kept by the first due.

    Larger incidents have a company (or companies) assigned this responsibility, with accountability officers for points of entry into the structure and safety officers for the overall incident (Safety Division).

    Because of our resources, these responsibilities are handled by our department, not mutual aid companies if possible.

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    Much like FyrFytn in San Diego, our first in Engine sends the Capt. and a Firefighter in to fight fire. The Engineer and our 2nd Firefighter form the IRIC (initial rapid intervention crew). When the second engine arrives, That Captain takes command, his/her engineer relieves the first engineer of his/her RIC duties and the two firefighters crew up for an assignment. Obviously, this only works with four on the engine and of course this can be expanded for larger fires. Primarilly we handle our own RIC duties, I believe the Chiefs are working on a county wide plan.

    Fight Fire Agressivly but Provide for Safety First!

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