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    To all those visits to my post,

    I would like the chance to excuse blitzline's post. I have emailed his firehouse.com email in reference to his ending statement.

    I would like you all to know that I do not appreciate any career or volunteer bashing in any of my posts. You can do that elsewhere. I was a volunteer and I very proud of that now I am career and I am proud of that accomplishment in my life. I do not bash volunteers or career firefighters; I bash the idiots out there who tear the systems apart with the volunteer/career ****ing matches.

    Again, Thank you all for responding to my post.



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    Check out the web site www.the-reed.com
    It is a great tool, we use it and love it.

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    This is in reply to Pat Dunns reply!!!!!!!!!***One thing to be careful with here is when you said that you could use the app. operator and the IC as you 2 needed for 2in 2 out. This is not true. I did some research on this and found that the only way a person can be considered for RIT is they must be in full PPE including SCBA and not be involved in any other duty on the fire scene. This takes the IC and app. operator out due to this. The IC is in charge of the scene and therefore can not make entry into the structure and the app. operator is dutied to the engine for water operations. Be careful when trying to find loop holes, we thought this would work as well but found out it would not.****

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    Im not trying to point fingers here, but you really need to do some checking into what a RIT function truly is. A RIT is not to enter into any IDLH atmospheres at anytime unless there is danger or someone is in trouble. At this time, the RIT is launched and another 2 members must replace this team as a new RIT to satisfy 2in-2out. With doing what you are speaking of, you never meet your 2-out as you have all of your crews working inside. I hope this information helps you and if you have any other questions feel free to contact me.

    Originally posted by blitzline:
    RIT teams on our department are pre-determined at the scene of working fires or incidents in which a hazard presents. They are split into three groups (usually two to a group): One group is for search and extrication of victim(s), one for air and one for breaching if necessary (collapses). They can perform all functions as one team or as specialized. The possibilities are endless, three groups of two, etc. We use Draeger airpacks with the buddy breathing attachment as standard for all personnel, not just for RIT. Irons, spare pack, lights (of course), and search ropes are the usual tools we will enter with, we leave the heavy duty stuff available on a tarp designated for RIT use, such as k-saws, cutters, sledgehammers and the like. A crew of two can always back out to retrieve those tools, to which they will become the "breaching team". A fourth team could even enter a RIT situation as a line crew protecting the extrication team, if the room allows. Mix and match, as IC you already know never commit to one way of doing anything. It is up to him / her to make sure they are made available, we feel the secret is availability and that the team has done its job setting up. In our area, we are committed to the 2 in 2 out rule.

    Oh, and on a side note, your next mutual aid company may be volunteer. Although I am working toward a career position, I get a sour taste when I hear or see "I'm a PROFESSIONAL FIREFIGHTER". Don't confuse "professional" with "permanent". At least where I come from, the professionals are volunteer and are usually more so the the permanents. What ever happened to the comradery of FF? Is that only reserved for career? Don't worry, I got your back brother, even if your a volunteer.


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    Our team runs a Heavy Rescue with the full complement of tools. We have 8-9 firefighters and here is the assignment. One OIC to oversee op's from the outside. Two FF's ready to go one off the truck with a TIC, radio, lights, and rope. Other one with irons and rope. Two more as back-up with radio, lights, saw, rope, MSA buddy breather, and irons. Two outside team members to set up staging area and obtain water, ladders, and whatever else may be needed. Two more are optional as gophers. Once our team is in service, we have a cover up FAST team dispatched. Hope this helps.

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