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    Lightbulb RIT rescue air bottle pack design.

    I am looking to design some RIT packs to hold equipment for FF rescue. Can anyone share their designs for this kits? I'm imagining an air bottle kit, a tool bag, and maybe a light bag. Any designs will be welcomed. TIA.
    Billings Fire Department

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    Rock-n-Rescue in Pennsylvania makes a very nice rescue pack/RIT bag. It was designed by Robert Womer after years of aggressive RIT training conducted by myself. You can contact them at 1-800-346-7673

    Jim Crawford
    Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire

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    msa has a nice rit bottle assembly, as far as tools you need to detrmine how much and what type. I have made a pack that will carry 100' of rope and has a side zipper pouch for tools and pullys and like stuff.

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    Alan, check out the Rescue Crew Bag which is designed to hold RIT equipment (spare SCBA, rope bags, hand tools, TIC, etc.). You can see it @ www.fire-rescueoutfitters.com, click on Rapid Intervention link. Stay Safe!!

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